Layla Hybrid Mattress Review

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  • Sizes: Even large sizes like Cal King are available
  • Materials: The copper foam is unique and effective
  • Firmness: Two firmness options for the price of one
  • Design: Unique hybrid alignment supports all sleepers
  • Shipping: Free shipping in less than a week
  • Trial Period: 120 nights with no risk due to free return shipping
  • Warranty: 10 years against common issues
  • Certification: Pioneering the use of copper in memory foam
  • Bases: The Layla works on any base, even adjustable ones
  • Accessories: Two free memory foam pillows included with purchase
  • Financing Options: 0% APR financing is available for the hybrid Layla with Affirm

Pros & Cons

  • Flippable for ideal firmness
  • Risk-free trial
  • Generous warranty
  • Fewer springs than luxury brands

It can be tough to decide which mattress is the right fit for you. After all, it’s not like you can just go out and sleep on every mattress for a night to see how it suits you—or can you? At Layla, they believe that you should have the chance to try a mattress without risk, or else you’re just making a stab in the dark. Here’s what you’re getting into if you’re considering Layla’s hybrid mattress as your next choice! We’ve taken a look at the details, and with the ability to try Layla with no risk, you should be able to figure out if the Layla hybrid is the right pick for you.

In terms of sleep technology, it’s tough to beat Layla’s lineup, especially their hybrid. Winner of the “Overall Best Hybrid Mattress” award from Observer and “Best Hybrid Mattress 2022” from Sleeopolis, Layla’s entry into the hybrid realm has been met with rousing success. In contrast to its former non-hybrid Layla mattress, the hybrid variant comes with an extra 3” in profile and traditional springs that can provide firmer support.

As far as price is concerned, Layla is one of the more affordable options. It doesn’t break into budget territory, but it sits near the bottom of the mid-tier lineup in terms of price, especially thanks to its frequent sales. And with financing available, almost anyone can afford a Layla hybrid.

Who sleeps best on a Layla hybrid?

The Layla hybrid employs copper infused memory foam to revolutionize how sleepers of all types find support. Whether you sleep in your side, stomach, back, or some unrecognizable shape, you’ll find that the Layla has you covered. The memory foam is firm enough to provide spinal alignment without impinging on tender points like the hip bones, and the springs deeper inside prevent you from sinking down into uncomfortable positions. Plus, the hybrid Layla mattress has two sides—one plush and one firm—so that you can easily decide which one suits your needs better. Thanks to handles on the side of the mattress, you can even flip it from one side to the other nightly depending on how you feel!

Am I too heavy for the Layla hybrid?

When it comes to support, very few mattresses can stand up to the toughness of the Layla hybrid. While most hybrid mattresses will support anywhere from 350 to 700 pounds depending on the mattress size, Layla hybrids can take up to 600 pounds on even the smallest models, like the Twin. Those looking for maximum weight coverage will find that the larger sizes, like the Cal King, are capable of footing up to 1,000 pounds with no problem. This makes Layla the perfect fit for anyone, regardless of their weight, shape, or size. This also ensures that a wayward child jumping on the bed won’t spell disaster for your brand new mattress!

Does it feel comfortable?

People who have tried Layla so far have praised it for its comfort and coolness, and a big part of this comes from Layla’s unique copper infused memory foam. While most memory foam is thick and dense, trapping heat right next to the body, the introduction of copper helps to conduct heat away and disperse it out the sides. This leads to a cool and comfortable sleep that won’t leave you sweaty.

Plus, Layla’s hybrid mattress includes multiple firmness options as well as springs alongside the memory foam—meaning that the bed is just as adaptable and unique as the people who sleep in it.

What’s the Layla hybrid mattress made of?

Layla as a company has spent time and effort developing a unique approach to the memory foam hybrid niche. As mentioned previously, one of its standout performers is the copper infused memory foam. In addition to wicking away heat, copper is naturally anti-microbial—which means your hybrid Layla is less likely to get smelly, musty or dirty.

Beneath this top layer is the Variable Support, which reacts adaptively to each sleeper’s unique pressure points. In areas where significant compression is happening, the mattress will increase its support to compensate and keep the spine aligned.

Beneath the memory foam sits the sturdy structure of the mattress itself: the springs. Unlike memory foam-only mattresses, Layla’s hybrid includes springs to increase the support that sleepers receive and prevent them from sinking into unnatural positions. Anywhere from 600 to 1300 individual springs (depending on bed size) function in dedicated quadrants to ensure that no area of your body is left without robust support as you sleep. And because the springs are adaptive, they will shift when you do, so you’ll never have to worry about rolling over a hard ridge of springs or coils.

What about firmness?

In the mattress industry, Layla has taken an almost unheard of approach in its hybrid mattress in the foam of a flippable option. One side of the Layla hybrid is soft and plush, while the other is firm. Installed on each side of the mattress are sturdy handles that allow you to flit the mattress as many times as you’d like—which means you get to select the firmness that suits your body best. In a way, trying a Layla hybrid mattress is like purchasing two mattresses at once! Layla also offers a topper than can be added to either side at your convenience to further alter the firmness according to your needs. The plush side rates at a 4 out of 10 for firmness, and the firm side sites at an industry standard 7.

Is Layla good about customer service?

Layla is proud of its hybrid mattress, and it shows. They offer a 120-night no risk trial period. You can try the Layla hybrid for weeks before deciding that it’s not the right bed for you—and if that’s the case, just let them know and they’ll take it off your hands completely free of charge.

On top of their generous trial policy, Layla is always available to help customers with their questions or problems. They make warranty claims simple, offering lifetime warranties for their memory foam mattresses and a robust 10 year policy for hybrids. This warranty includes some of the most common problems that sleepers face, such as split seams, sagging or loss of shape, or foam that’s starting to crack. If these issues happen to you, the warranty process is simple and straightforward.

For those with other questions, agents are available via a live chat feature, or you may communicate by email at your leisure. Their live chat is synchronized with social media for those who find this more convenient, and conversations with customer service can be had on Facebook too. This wide variety of options ensures that all customers are met in a way that is simplest for them.

Overall impressions

Layla has shaken up the mattress industry with its hybrid option. From the flippable sides to the copper within the memory foam, Layla’s hybrid is the right fit for many sleepers who have found great success with it. And thanks to robust warranties and a risk-free trial period, it’s simple to learn if Layla is a good fit for you too.


Sale! $200 OFF + Free Pillows

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