Dreamcloud Mattress Review

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  • Sizes: The DreamCloud comes in all common sizes.
  • Materials: The mattress includes gel rather than 100% foam
  • Firmness: At a 6.5, this mattress has wide appeal for its adaptable firmness
  • Design: The underlying springs add appropriate support to the memory foam above
  • Shipping: DreamClouds ship to any state—including Alaska and Hawaii
  • Trial Period: You can try a DreamCloud mattress for up to a year
  • Warranty: Any normal wear and tear is completely covered under a lifetime warranty
  • Certification: DreamCloud is CertiPUR certified to avoid dangerous chemicals
  • Bases: The DreamCloud works on any type of base
  • Accessories: Many DreamCloud purchases will include extras like sheets
  • Financing Options: DreamCloud offers financing through Affirm or Splitit to make their mattresses affordable to everyone

Pros & Cons

  • Luxury yet affordable
  • Very long trial period
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Coils can cause some motion transfer

You may not realize that the comfort of your mattress is such a big deal—until you start waking up with unexplained aches and pains. Maybe you’re just not sleeping as well as you used to. If it’s time to swap your old mattress out for a new model, you’ve certainly got plenty of choices. That being said, you don’t need to worry about trying out five or six different mattresses to find the right one for you
we’ve already taken a look at the top contenders to find the ones that really stand out.

DreamCloud is an innovator in the realm of sleep architecture, and the company has won multiple awards for their namesake mattress. From Business Insider’s “Best Mattress Overall” to Forbes’ pick for “Best Hybrid Mattress for Back Pain” and Architectural Digest’s “Best Hybrid Mattress 2023,” DreamCloud continues to shake up the standard for hybrid options.

As an additional bonus, DreamCloud is proud of its products—and it shows. From offering a range of complimentary products with your purchase, such as sheets, to providing a risk-free trial that lasts for an entire year, DreamCloud is confident that you’ll enjoy their mattresses. And if you don’t? Just get a refund. Your mattress will be properly disposed of or, when possible, donated!

In terms of price, DreamCloud maintains a solid place among the mid-range options. It’s not as low-cost as the most budget-oriented options, but it shirks the high price tag of luxury brands to bring you a mattress that is accessible. And with some options for financing, you should be able to secure a DreamCloud that suits your needs and wallet.

Who sleeps best on a DreamCloud mattress?

The DreamCloud is made of multiple layers that are all aiming to support your spine and provide a comfortable place to sink in, all without losing the firmness that your body needs. This makes the mattress a great choice for all types of sleepers, whether you prefer your belly or your back. However, side sleepers have found particular comfort thanks to some of the DreamCloud’s adaptive layers. The foam cushioning used in these mattresses was first developed by NASA for its astronauts, which means that the memory foam will adapt to the unique shape of your body to keep your spine aligned. Combination sleepers also get a lot out of the DreamCloud since it changes along with a sleeper’s body movements.

Do I weight too much (or not enough) for the DreamCloud?

Good news for those concerned about their weight when it comes to mattresses—DreamCloud supports anyone, no matter their size! The plush pillow top serves as a comfortable cushion for those on the low side of the weight spectrum, who often feel that mattresses are too firm since they do not have enough weight to sink into standard springs. For those weighing more than 230 pounds, the adaptive springs in this hybrid mattress provided the support needed to rest comfortably while maintaining proper spinal alignment. This means that the DreamCloud performs above average in terms of weight testing!

What’s it like sleeping on a DreamCloud?

Without being able to test a mattress for yourself in person, it can be tough to know if it’s truly comfortable. One of the most common areas of concern for buyers is heat retention, so you may be pleased to know that the foam used in the DreamCloud is infused with cooling gel to allow the bed to breathe overnight. This makes the DreamCloud a cool sleeper that is ideal for people who get too hot, because the cooling effects are built right into the mattress itself.  

The DreamCloud’s layered construction

The DreamCloud is made up of five unique layers that each have their own part to play in your comfort every night. At the top is a soft cover made of quilted foam and cashmere for a silky smooth experience. This is also one of the parts of the mattress that wicks heat away from your body to keep you cool overnight.

The second layer of the mattress is made of gel memory foam, which contours to your body while simultaneously keeping the heat away. Unlike standard memory foam that absorbs and retains your body heat, gel allows it to disperse quickly, even though the material is conforming to the shape of your body. Underneath this is the third layer, made of equally durable and moldable memory foam that provides support to the layers above. This layer ensures that the mattress is not too plush, causing you to sink in without providing support.

The fourth, base layer keeps the layers above it stable and secure so that you receive the cushioning that you need. And at the very bottom is a targeted lair that makes the DreamCloud what it is—a hybrid mattress. Individually wrapped innerspring coils work in tandem with the memory gel above to offer support to your spine. This additional firmness and adaptability is what makes the DreamCloud suitable for people of any weight.

The DreamCloud firmness rating

Because the DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress, it benefits from both memory foam gel and a built-in innerspring section. This makes it adaptive to your body. Even for couples who have one partner who prefers a firm feel and another who would rather have plush, the DreamCloud has been a success because it provides the right amount of support for your unique body shape. It is rated at a 6.5 “luxury firm” and supports sleepers no matter their weight or size.

Does DreamCloud have good customer support?

The innovators at DreamCloud stand behind the quality of their product, offering an industry-leading 365 days to try out your mattress. That’s nearly three times longer than the average, and if the mattress isn’t a right fit for you, DreamCloud will utilize their Sleep Concierge service to help you donate the mattress when possible. They also believe that this mattress should be the only one you will ever need, which means offering a lifetime warranty on the product. If it ever breaks down during the course of normal use, they’ll replace it free of charge.

The live chat on DreamCloud’s website is responsive and available every day of the week. They also maintain both an email address and phone number if you have more nuanced questions or prefer a different form of communication. You can also reach out via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Overall impressions

The DreamCloud mattress is backed by a team who believes in what they’re doing, and it’s hard to shake a stick at the lifetime warrantee and extended trial period. On top of all that, the DreamCloud mattress comes in some of the lesser available sizes, such as Twin XL and California King, making it the right choice for basically any use case. If you’re into the best quality around, you can even upgrade your DreamCloud to include a more luxurious topper. Overall, this mattress is a great fit for almost anyone.


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