Helix Mattress Review

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  • Sizes: The Midnight is available as large as a Cali King and in all common sizes.
  • Materials: Helix’s proprietary memory foam blend is made to support your body
  • Firmness: The Midnight’s coils add firmness and support, but the bed may not be pillow soft as a result
  • Design: Sturdy edges keep the bed from caving or sloping on the sides
  • Shipping: Midnights are made to order, so you may need to wait a few weeks
  • Trial Period: Helix pays for return shipping in the first 100 days
  • Warranty: Your mattress is protected for 10 to 15 years, depending on type
  • Certification: Helix has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Bases: No box spring is needed for the Midnight, but Helix makes its own high-quality foundations
  • Accessories: Helix will send you a comfort cover to try on your mattress if you ask
  • Financing Options: Helix works with Klarna and Katapult to provide financing so you can pay in installments

Pros & Cons

  • Multiple self-adjusting layers
  • Choice of cooling cover
  • Zoned support
  • More expensive

Your bed is one of the most important indicators of how you’ll sleep during the night—or how you won’t, if your mattress leaves something to be desired. If you’ve come to the conclusion that the old mattress has to go, you’ve likely done a quick internet search and realized that there are a lot of options out there for a replacement. The good news is that you don’t have to buy and try every mattress that catches your attention, because we’ve checked them out for you!

When it comes to mattresses made with your comfort in mind, Helix has been leading the charge in new innovations. Doctors around the world specializing in sleep medicine and neurobiology are recommending Helix mattresses to their clients to get them the sleep that they need to be their best selves.

Helix stands behind the mattresses they make, which is why they’ll let you keep your mattress for 100 days to give it a try. Don’t like it? Helix covers the cost of sending it back—and if you do choose to keep it, your purchase is protected by a warranty of up to 15 years. Given that the average mattress wears out in about seven, that’s a big commitment to quality.

When it comes to price, Helix mattresses are considered a step above budget options. They may cost you a little more than the cheapest mattresses, but you’re paying for the higher quality that comes with a Helix product without lapsing into luxury models.

Helix faces steep competition in the world of comfort mattresses, and their Midnight sleeper is particularly popular
check out how it compares to other popular options below!

What kind of sleeper is the Midnight for?

When it comes to support and comfort, side sleepers thrive on the Midnight. In fact, both Tom’s Guide and Forbes rated the Midnight as the best mattress for side sleepers! The adaptable material of the mattress works well for those who need side support or restless sleepers who toss and turn, because it actively changes form to keep the pressure low on trigger points.

That being said, the Midnight is not just for those who get their ZZZs on their side. Belly sleepers will find decent support that keeps their back aligned, and back sleepers will remain supported without sinking uncomfortably into the foam. While the Midnight thrives with side sleepers, anyone can benefit from its adaptable design.

Does the Midnight support all body types?

The Midnight has been recommended by many medical professionals for the way that it improves sleep quality—and that’s for everyone, regardless of weight. Each Helix mattress, including the Midnight, can handle up to 1,000 pounds of combined weight, or 500 pounds for individual-sized sleepers. And even this is adjustable, since bigger mattresses provide greater support to those on the heavier end of the spectrum. Midnight comes in sizes ranging from Twin all the way up to a Cali King, so you don’t need to worry about being too heavy or too tall.

How does the Midnight sleep?

When it comes to options, the Midnight has you covered. Those with their eye on high-quality materials can select a hypoallergenic Soft Touch design that aims for maximum comfort on contact, and sleepers who suffer through sweaty nights can choose the Glacio-Tex cooling cover. Even without the cooling option, the Midnight is breathable, encouraging body heat to evaporate outward—but those who truly get toasty at night may enjoy the extra Glacio-Tex technology, which remains cool to the touch.

The Midnight’s construction

The Midnight branches out from the standard memory foam mattress to offer robust support through coils as well. Underneath the cover (the Soft Touch or the Glacio-Tex, at your discretion), a memory foam Comfort Layer adapts to your changing body positions to provide support. This isn’t just any memory foam; it’s a proprietary Helix blend.

The transition layer underneath is made of high-grade polyfoam that adds further support without making the mattress too stiff. Beneath this is the true star of the Midnight: a Body Shape layer that supplements the memory foam with individually cushioned coils. Depending on the size of the mattress that you choose, your Midnight could come equipped with up to 950 specially crafted coils to gently cradle the shape of your body. These coils are adaptive enough to absorb movement, so if you sleep with someone else, they won’t even know you’ve shifted. And thanks to the reinforced edge of the Midnight, the mattress will retain its shape instead of crumpling under your weight at the sides.


The great thing about adaptive mattresses like the Midnight is that they change based on you. That’s why the Midnight rests squarely in the middle of the “medium firm” space, where heavier sleepers will receive more support and lighter bodies get the firmness they need. Depending on the exact type of Midnight you choose—the Luxe upgraded hybrid includes even more coils, for example—your firmness can range from a 4 to a 7. But the mattress will do a lot of the regulation for you.

How’s Helix customer support?

Helix puts the power into the hands of consumers with an extensive and robust FAQ section and a 101 guide to mattress buying. Their FAQs are so comprehensive that we could find a single question that wasn’t answered there. The standard method of customer contact is via an online form, but Helix provides an email address for those who prefer this option. They’re also easily accessible via most social media, including YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Overall impressions

Helix offers a wide range of mattresses, and the Midnight stands tall among these compelling options. It’s easy to install—just pop it out of the box, unroll it, and let it settle. With free returns for up to 100 days and a warranty of at least 10 years based on the product, Helix stands behind the quality of their Midnight mattresses. And with sizes ranging from a twin all the way to the extra large California king, you are likely to find exactly the spread you need.

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