Cocoon Mattress Review

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Save 35% + Free Pillows & Sheets

  • Sizes: You can get the Chill Foam in less common sizes like Cal King and Twin XL
  • Materials: The Chill Foam is a no-nonsense memory foam mattress with a specialized cooling cover
  • Firmness: The Chill Foam is rated at a 6, but it may be firmer for lightweight sleepers
  • Design: The Cocoon mattress is designed to wick heat away from your body
  • Shipping: Cocoon ships mattresses quickly, so you may not have to wait long
  • Trial Period: Cocoon pays for return shipping in the first 100 days, no questions asked
  • Warranty: The Chill Foam is protected by a 10 year warranty
  • Certification: Chill Foam mattresses receive a CertiPUR rating indicating no harmful chemicals
  • Bases: A Cocoon mattress does best on a hard, flat surface like a frame with slats
  • Accessories: Cocoon offers free pillows and sheets when you purchase a Chill Foam mattress
  • Financing Options: Cocoon offers a specific Chill Foam credit card to help you finance your purchase

Pros & Cons

  • Good value for price
  • Provides more cooling
  • Made by Sealy
  • Might feel firm for lightweight individuals

Finding yourself waking up throughout the night? Tossing and turning because you can’t quite get comfortable? It might be your mattress. Even the best mattresses will wear out over time, losing the support that keeps you comfy and rested. If this sounds like you, it’s time for something new.

Companies have sprung up all over the world revolutionizing how we sleep at night through technological advancements in mattresses. But picking one doesn’t have to be a chore. That’s why we’ve examined many of the most popular mattress options out there to make choosing the right one a breeze. One recent contender that we’ve noticed is the Chill Foam Cocoon from Sealy.

While mattress and sleep giant Sealy is the larger company behind this memory foam mattress, Cocoon is its own subset of specialized mattresses with you in mind. The Chill Foam is one option alongside a Hybrid Chill, and it offers spinal support that adjusts to your personal size and weight. Coming in as a high-quality budget option, the Cocoon Chill Foam mattress is accessible to almost all sleepers.

And the best part? You can try the Cocoon for 100 nights. If you don’t like it, ship it back! Shipping is free, both for returns and for your initial purchase of the mattress. That way, you can focus on getting a good night’s sleep, not breaking the bank.

Is my body type compatible with the Chill Foam?

Sleepers of all shapes and sizes should be able to enjoy the Chill Foam mattress from Cocoon. Even their smallest sizes support a body weight of up to 500 pounds, and because the foam material adjusts to you, you’ll find support no matter what. The Chill Foam also comes in a wide range of sizes, from Twin to Cal King. It’s interesting to note that unlike many memory foam mattress suppliers, Cocoon mattresses are also available in the elusive Twin XL size to ensure that people can enjoy a restful night’s sleep no matter their height.

Do I have to sleep on my side?

Most memory foam mattresses benefit people who sleep on their sides because of how the foam cushions and aligns the spine. However, Cocoon’s Chill Foam option is a bit firm, so it actually supports back and stomach sleepers better than the average memory foam mattress. Side sleepers will also enjoy the custom contours of the Chill Foam, but because the firmness of the foam is meant to provide support, those who weigh under 130 pounds may find that side sleeping reduces the cushioned, airy feel of the mattress. The Chill Foam supports all types of sleepers and is not specialized for just one variety.

Does the Chill Foam get hot?

As its name implies, Cocoon’s Chill Foam memory foam mattress is made to keep you cool with a unique Sealy material called PCM, or “phase change material.” PCM absorbs heat and routes it away from you no matter what position you are lying in. You can also upgrade to an Extra-Chill mattress that adds an additional, specialized cover to make heat transfer even more seamless and effective. Memory foam mattresses in general are good at absorbing heat, but especially if you opt for the Extra-Chill option on your Chill Foam, you can expect to remain crisp and cool throughout the night.

The Chill Foam’s construction

The reason that Cocoon’s Chill Foam mattress works so well is because it is painstakingly assembled in carefully constructed layers. At the very top is the PCM cooling cover, which directs heat away you’re your body as you sleep. Below this tightly fitting top layer is the brand’s perfect fit memory foam, which is tailored exactly to the shape of the mattress so that it does not bunch or shift. It is soft to the touch but firm enough to provide the support that your body needs.

The Chill Foam is a fully foam mattress, which means that there are no springs or coils underneath. The full 10 inches of foam fully shapes itself to your body and is highly effective at dampening vibrations, so those sleeping in bed with others will not have to worry about waking anyone else with their movement.

At the bottom of the mattress is a firm base with rigid sides that prevent the mattress from losing its shape at the edges. Chill Foam mattresses perform best on sturdy surfaces like foundations with slats.

Does Cocoon have good customer support?

The Cocoon brand is owned by Sealy, one of the leading mattress crafters since 1881. They take their customer service seriously, and we had no problem connecting with the online chat system immediately. A virtual assistant will attempt to help you first, but you may also speak with a representative for more difficult questions. Their online contact form is easily accessible in the support section, where you can also peruse a comprehensive database of FAQs. The company is also active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram for those looking to reach out via social media.

If you’re looking to return your mattress after trying it out for 100 days, shipping is free with no questions asked. Those who choose to keep their Chill Foam can enjoy a warranty lasting 10 years.

Overall impressions

The Cocoon Chill Foam is a robust mattress that fully embraces the advantages that memory foam can offer. It works well with the vast majority of body types, and with sizes ranging all the way up to Cal King and even the Twin XL, there should be something for everybody. The Chill Foam is a no-nonsense option that sticks to what works rather than relying on numerous highly specialized mattress layers, and this is also reflected in the affordable price.


Save 35% + Free Pillows & Sheets

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